As the leading family owned children’s furniture company in Australia, trusted by tens of thousands of families, we know we have a responsibility to the environment. Which is why we plant a tree for every item of furniture we sell.

Our tree planting program is not only a way to help reduce the effects of our business on the environment, but also to offset the use of timber used in the production of the furniture we make.

from little things, big things grow

We believe that all our actions can collectively make a real, positive difference and that being environmentally responsible should be an expectation of all companies. We're committed not just to minimizing our footprint, but to leave the earth better than we found it and ensuring every sale we make has a positive impact beyond the product.

planting trees makes a difference

Trees are the building blocks to our ecological environment. As the largest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil and provide food and shelter to the planets wildlife. Importantly, they also provide communities across the world with economic stability.

In short, tree planting contributes to a healthier planet and brighter future for our children and their children too.



In addition to our tree initiative that helps offset our manufacturing, distribution and retail footprint, we are also committed to reducing our environmental impact in other ways.

This includes only using sustainably sourced and FSC certified timber products and non-toxic, water based glues, paints and sealers, ensuring our products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard, and selecting partners that share our ethical and sustainable values.

It’s a start, however we recognise there is still much to do. For example we continue to research cost effective alternatives to the foam currently used in our packaging. We remain open minded and committed to having a can do attitude toward making meaningful change.