what customers have to say about the soho grey 4 drawer dresser...

Soho Grey 4 Drawer Dresser

The delivery driver dropped the corner as he got it out of the truck! It was so disappointing as I was so excited! Took the box apart and realised it had a big scratch down the side. He refused to take it back with him, and instead they had to organise for another person to bring a replacement to swap over. What a pain. Bedtime were really good about it, I know it wasn't their fault. But we had this big dresser just sitting in our hallway waiting for the replacement. I should say that the second dresser arrived (carefully and no scratches!) and it has been great since then. Just make sure that you are there when they are unloading the truck and to be sure that they don't drop it! Check it quickly once they have delivered and make sure it is fine and if not, call Bedtime straight away, they will sort you out! Thanks Jane and Nicole for all of your help

MAY 2021

Soho Grey 4 Drawer Dresser

I popped into the shop at Malvern last week to look at this chest in white but walked out having a grey one on my receipt. It just looked so handsome and crisp in the grey. To me the price you pay is often reflective of the quality. With this brand you pay reasonable fair prices for pieces that include the extra touches like how you don't have to put it together. Always happy with Bedtime service and products.