what customers have to say about the academy graphite metal single bed...

Academy Graphite Metal Single Bed

These beds have been a dream for us. We needed to fit a few kids in the same room but for safety reasons weren't keen on bunks. We got a few of these singles and lined them up in a row and it looks really effective. They were really easy to put together and although we had to wait around for a bit for the delivery team, they did the job really quickly once they arrived. Ordering online was really straightforward too and even managed to get a promotion code at the same time! Overall, great service, great site and finally, great beds!

APRIL 2021

Academy Graphite Metal Single Bed

We came to Malvern on a Saturday and they were busy - luckily another family was looking at exactly what we were! So girl helped both families at the same time, we decided to combine this bed with huckleberry bedside and dressers, and it looks amazing!! I was so worried it wasn't going to work, but the girl moved around bedside tables for me. Great service.


Academy Graphite Metal Single Bed

It's not fussy, heavy or old fashioned. The Academy bed suits the simple style of our modern home and is light enough for a small room to not be over powering. Price is good and the Bedtime reputation seemed good amongst our friends at Kinder. Happy we chose this bed and happy we shopped with Bedtime.

MAY 2021