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Loft Soft Gold King Single Bed

The design of this bed is really clever. Our house is eclectic and quite old but I like to mix it with new pieces and I wanted to be able to purchase sheets etc from a current size so a second hand antique bed wouldn't have worked. The gold is quite different to whats on the market at the moment which is also what I wanted. The process with Bedtime is easy. Buy, deliver virtually the next day, assemble with ease and child happy.

JULY 2021

Loft Soft Gold King Single Bed

I comprehensively searched for a nice gold that wasn't Rose Gold. I LOVE the gold that Bedtime are doing and have bought the bed and cot for both my children. If you go into the stores the sales staff are friendly and easy to deal with. I didn't need to get delivery and most reviews here say delivery is good. My dad collected with his trailer to the warehouse depot. He said the warehouse manager out there was fantastic. Easy assembly.